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Introduction of Fiber laser cleaning machine-Ivy

Now fiber laser cleaning machine gain more and more popular,here is some introduction of it for your reference,please kindly check Introduction of Fiber laser cleaning machine for rust as follow:

First is machine power:

Now mainly have 100w/200w/300w/1000w in the market,because of the machine cost,80% customers would like to chose 200w (As 100w is not much powerful). Here are 100w and 200w pics:


100w rust removing laser machine


200w rust removing laser machine

Please noted,100w is air-cooling,while if more than 200w (includes 200w will be water-cooling system)

Second is the application:

Laser cleaning is widely used in various industries, such as shipping, auto parts, rubber mould, high-end machine tool, tire mould, rail, environmental protection

and other industries. The application range is as follows:

Also XT Laser laser cleaning machine is easy to install, control, and implement automation.

And With Simple operation, switching power supply, open the device, then it can be achieved cleaning without chemical reagent, medium and water washing.

It has many advantages of the focus adjustment manually, joint surface cleaning, higher cleaning surface cleanliness.

And it also can remove the surface of resin, grease, stains, dirt, rust, coating, coating, paint on objectives.

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