Inspection and acceptance of fiber laser cutting machineequipment after delivery-Tulsa

Inspection and acceptance of equipment after delivery

  • Inspection and acceptance of cargo in the container: Before unloading, check whether the packaging of the host equipment in the container is damage. In summary, if there is damage, the recipient will take a photo in the container (clear photos are required).
  • Check whether the anti-inversion and anti-collision marks on all packaging boxes are abnormal (normally colorless, abnormally red).  If the anti-inversion and anti-collision marks on the packing box found to be abnormal. During the inspection before unloading the truck, the receiver should take a photo inside the container (clear photos required).
  • Keep the packing box and take a clear picture of the damaged location for abnormal signs. In addition, if the transportation method is air transportation, you need to unpack it on the spot to check. Whether the equipment is damage, and then sign for it after there is no damage. If it is damage, please reject it and contact our company. If the shipping or land transport equipment packaging box is damage or has an abnormal anti-inversion. Or anti-collision marking, the receiver needs to take pictures and continue unpacking and inspection. If the equipment is damage, the receiver should immediately report to the insurance company. On the insurance policy and protect the site. At the same time, you need to contact our customer service staff to determine the solution.

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