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How to improve the marking speed of laser marking machine

How to improve the marking speed of laser marking machine?We will talk about it in this article. If you have interest in it, let’t get start.

The main reasons affecting the marking speed of optical fiber laser marking machine are divided into two aspects.

Firstly,One is the equipment itself, the other is the workpiece processing.

The main reasons of the equipment itself are laser frequency, laser spot pattern and beam divergence Angle, laser power, reasonable optical shaping and auxiliary gas in processing.

Customers should consider this point when choosing laser marking machine.

We suggest to choose the type of laser engraving machine according to the opinions of professional technical engineers.

Secondly,Another reason is marker density, marker width, marker depth and laser spot size.

Marking density: in the same width, spot and depth and the higher the marking density also the slower the marking speed.

Because the density directly increases the marking area.

Marking area: as the deflection area of large area marking galvanometer increases, the marking speed of large area is slower than that of small area

Marking depth: adjust the parameters of the fiber laser marking machine and increase the power, current and other parameters of the fiber laser marking machine to affect the marking speed.

Laser spot size: the larger the spot, the faster the marking speed.

We have many kinds fiber laser marking machine can be chose.Like mini type fiber laser marking machine,desktop fiber laser marking machine, mini enclosed type fiber laser marking machine and protable fiber laser marking machine.

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