Important gas controlling of fiber laser metal cutter-Jennifer

Why it is necessary to add the proportional valve in fiber laser metal cutter?

  1. In general, the proportional valve is to control the O2, but it can also control the air. We can use one proportional valve to control O2 and air. And we can also use the two proportional valve to control them respectively. But the N2 cannot be controlled by the proportional valve. Because during the cutting stainless steel, the more thicker the plate is, the more bigger pressure it will be, so it can be adjusted by hand directly in fiber laser metal cutter.
  2. Why O2 need proportional valve?

Because during using the O2 process, the more thicker CS, the smaller pressure it will need. When cutting high thickness metal plate, the pressure will be more smaller, The pressure reducing valve cannot meet the need of pressure. So we need the proportional valve to adjust.

  1. Currently, our gas pipe can undertake the 3.8MPA pressure in fiber laser metal cutter.
  2. For the laser cutter itself

    -Zero maintenance is one of major advantages of fiber laser cutter. All our fiber laser cutter machine will accept 72 hours testing before delivering out.
    Which can lower the failure rate.

    2. For the easy operating feature:

    – As I told you that fiber laser cutting machine can be operated easily. One of our Pakistan  clients, who bought our cutter early, is also the first time to touch this fiber laser cutter machine.
    Even me, also consider whether he can operate the machine well, when he guaranteed me we did not need to send the technician to their factory.
    But luckily, when he got the machine, and the machine works well.


fiber laser metal cutter
fiber laser metal cutter