The Most Important Six Core Components of the Fiber Laser Cutting Machine2—Winnie

The Most Important Six Core Components of the Fiber Laser Cutting Machine 2—Winnie

STEP3.  CNC system

The control system is the dominant operating system of the fiber laser cutting machine, which mainly controls the machine tool to realize the movement of the X, Y and Z axes, and also controls the output power of the laser. Its quality determines the stability of the operation performance of the fiber laser cutting machine. Through the precise control of the software, the accuracy and cutting effect improving effectively. At present, there Bochu system numerical control system, the PIC system numerical control system, and the PA8000 system is the most popular.

PIC system, which belongs to the older board control system, can set in the ordinary computer to run, and uses the background software to control the analog signal transmission. Although the control system is old, it belongs to the complete Kaiyuan system.

Bochu system is a laser cutting machine system developed by domestic personnel for the domestic market. It is a non-closed-loop opening element system developing for laser cutting machines below 2000W. It has the many advantages like the simple operation and rich functions in the use of laser cutting machine within 1000W, are widely use to most domestic laser cutting machine manufacturers in laser cutting machines of less than 1000W. After years of upgrading and experimentation, it is currently a stable system configuration of laser cutting machines within 1000W.

PA8000 system, PA system is an open CNC system (CNC) based on PC technology. Open CNC technology represents the cutting-edge technology in the field of CNC in the world. Its advanced technology that many famous automation companies all over the world use it.

STEP4.  Motor

The motor of laser cutting machine is the core component of the motion system. The performance of the motor directly affects the processing effect and production efficiency. At present, the common motor includes two types of stepping motor and servo motor. When purchasing, we need configure the most suitable motor according to the industry of the processing object.

1.fiber laser cutting machineStepper motor has a great influence on the precision of laser cutting. The starting speed is fast and the reaction is sensitive. It is suitable for engraving and cutting processing. Stepper motors have many brands and different performances, so a good stepper motor is very necessary.

2.Servo motor is a very important component in laser cutting machine. Its quality directly determines the stability of equipment use. High-quality servo motor can effectively ensure cutting accuracy, positioning speed and repeatability. At present, there are some servo motor brands used widely in the manufacture of laser cutting machines like Mitsubishi, Fuji, Yaskawa, Panasonic and Delta.

For the laser cutting machine, the key is to process the equipment according to the established graphics whether for plate cutting or pipe cutting. The motor as an intermediate actuator for mechanical and control systems, which can compensate, optimize and coordinate the actions of the various systems to achieve a more perfect control. Therefore, motors are also the most important concern when purchasing machines.

STEP5. Bed Frame

The stability and durability of the fiber laser cutting machine body structure is very important. The requirement of the machine tool stability is very high, because the high precision and high stability machine tool is beneficial to improve the precision of laser cutting. It directly affects the cutting precision, efficiency and life of the equipment. Therefore, the customers pay special attention to the structure and material technology of the bed when purchasing fiber laser cutting machine. The current advanced bed technology in the industry is a heavy cast iron bed, because of it has the comprehensive properties such as wear resistance, corrosion resistance and shock absorption. And the stress deformation effect is much lower than that of welded components after heat treatment. Its shock absorption performance is especially suitable for users who install machine tools with large running vibrations in the workshop.

STEP6. Laser lens

Laser lenses are the most for the entire fiber laser cutting equipment. Many optical devices contain laser lenses. Different lenses have different functions, such as full-reflex lenses, semi-reverse lenses, and focusing lenses. The quality of the lens directly affects the output power of the laser, which also affects the performance of the whole machine. If the lens is not properly selecte, it will cause large laser loss, frequent damage to the protective lens, and unstable product quality, causing serious losses to the enterprise. Therefore, choosing the right protective lens is a very important thing to pay attention to. There are three steps to choose the laser lens of the laser cutting machine:

  1. The dimensions are matched.
  2. You can choose K9 or quartz material, according to different laser and considering the cost of use. During the actual application process, professional manufacturers divide the two types of materials into multiple grades, customers can choose the corresponding specifications according to actual needs.
  3. Coating, choose different coating technical parameters according to the use of the environment.