Operate the fiber laser cutting machine well:Charry

Operate the fiber laser cutting machine well

Operate the fiber laser cutting machine well.

When use a fiber laser cutting machine for first time,customers will face many problems about machine.

Installation or Replacement Method of Interior Lens of laser Cutting Machine Laser Head

1) Before installation of optical lenses, the following items shall be noticed:

Wear clean clothes, use soap or cleanser essence to clean hands and wear light, thin, clean and white gloves;

It is strictly prohibited to touch the lenses with any part of the hand.

Hold the lenses from the side and don’t touch the coating surfaces of lenses directly when taking them.

2) Don’t blow toward the lenses when assembling them.

Please place the lenses on a clean table steadily

with several pieces of lenses professional paper lying under them.

Try to be careful when taking lenses to avoid a bruise and a fall,

and never exert any force on their coating surfaces.

The bases where the lenses are installed shall be clean

the dust dirt inside the bases shall clear with clean air gun before the lenses are placed into the bases gently.

When installing lenses into bases, never fix the lenses with too strong force

in order to avoid lens deformation and the further influence in the quality of light beam.

3) Precautions at the time of replacing optical lenses:

Be careful when taking out lenses from the packing box to prevent damaging lenses by collision

Don’t exert any force to the lenses before the wrapping paper is unpacked;

When taking out the reflector and focus lens from the packing box,

wear clean gloves and take them out from the side of the lenses;

When removing the wrapping paper from the lens, avoid dust, etc. falling down to the lenses;

After taking out the lenses, remove dust on the lenses with spray gun,

and place the lenses on the paper special for optical lenses;

Remove dust and dirt on the lens support frame and fixed mount,

and avoid other foreign matters falling down to the lenses at the time of assembly;

When installing the lenses to the base, avoid overexertion to prevent lenses deformation;

After completion of lens assembly, remove dust and foreign matters on the lenses with clean air gun.

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