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How to use fiber laser cutting machine correctly?

The cutting quality of  machine is a matter of concern to the customer. It is a skill training that the machine operator need to continuously improve.But how to use fiber laser cutting machine correctly? It is also a questions worth considering.

The following three points will show us how to judge the quality of cutting and learn how to make a high quality metal cutting with fiber laser metal cutter:

  • 1.Smooth cutting edge without brittle rupture and cutting pattern or with only little pattern. When the optical fiber laser cutting machine cuts, the cutting marks will be displayed after the laser beam deviates, so the formation of the cutting pattern can be eliminated by reducing the rate slightly at the end of the cutting process.
  • 2.Cutting slit width. This factor is related to the thickness of the cutting plate and the size of cutting nozzle. In general, when the cutting plate is narrow, the nozzle should be small. Because the amount of jet required is relatively small. Similarly, if the plate is thick, it needs more the nozzle is also large. The cutting seam will also be widened accordingly. Therefore, to find the appropriate type of nozzle, can help customers cut out a good product.
  • 3.With a good verticality, small cutting head effected area. It’s import factor of verticality, when the laser beam is far away from the focus, the laser beam will diverge. According to the focus position, the cutting becomes wider toward the top or bottom, and the more perpendicular the edge, the higher the cutting quality.

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