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How to maintain the lens of laser cutting machine

How to maintain the lens of laser cutting machine? Many clients asked us about this question.So today we will introduce some maintain tips to you.

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With the development of laser industry, laser cutting is applied more and more widely.We know how to use the laser cutting machine, but also to understand some simple machine maintenance knowledge.Here are some ways to maintain your lenses.

We recommend that you clean your lenses every day before work.Of course, the premise is that the equipment is operating in a state of power failure.

Cleaning the focusing lens: first rotate the focusing lens off the frame, then fold the wiping paper.Wet the lens with a cleaning solution or anhydrous alcohol and gently wipe the lens surface with the wet lens paper. Repeat several times until the lens is clean.


  • The lens should be wiped gently without damaging the coating on the surface of the lens

  • Wipe the process should be handled gently, do not let the lens fall

  • Please ensure the convex surface of the focusing mirror upward when installing it

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