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How to maintain the fiber laser cutting machine?

How to maintain the fiber laser cutting machine?

1.Clean the surface of the equipment to attach dust and cut slag.

2.Check the joints of the capacitor signal module (at the cutting head).

So that to confirm the fastening is intact and there is no looseness.

3.Clean up the water in the A/C storage tank

4.Equipment homing (including X, Y and Z axes)

5.Cleaning waste scraps and debris in waste trailers

6.Check the lubricating oil level in the lubricating oil pump. If  not enough, fill it in time.

7.Clean the dust on the A/C dust cover net and the water cooler dust cover net.

8.Check the lubrication condition of each shaft slide rail, rack, gear and z-axis screw.

Then manually add lubricating oil on the upper end surface and the two end surfaces of the guide rail.

Also the main mechanical linkage end face of the rack, gear and lead screw is evenly distributed.

Apply lithium grease. (If there is rust, then be sure to remove the rust first.)

9.Check the cooling water level of the water cooler, if not enough to raise it in time.

10.Check the water pipes of the cooling water pipe.

So that to  confirm that there is no extrusion, bending, grinding, scratching and water leakage.

Also check the water pipe joints (push-in connectors and ordinary threaded joints).

So that to confirm that the connection is normal.And there is no water leakage.

11.Check if the cooling water pressure gauge value is normal.

12.Clean the water tank of the water cooler.

13.Replace the water cooler to circulate cooling water.

14.Replace the water cooler filter.

15.Clean the water filter of the water cooler.

16.Check whether the crimping of each terminal of the terminal block in the electrical cabinet is firm.

As well as whether the electrical plug connectors connects, confirm that there is no looseness.

17.Check the wiring harness and cable everywhere.

And confirm that there are no extrusion, bending, grinding, and scratching.

If there is no open welding or short circuit or trouble in the welding of the break point and the plug joint.

18.Clean up dust in the electrical cabinet.

19.Check the top wire of the reducer under each axis motor so that to confirm that it is not loose.

20.Check the center of the beam to make sure it is concentric with the nozzle hole.

21.Check the protective lens so that to make sure it is clean and free of dirt.

22.Clean the nozzle, nozzle fastening ring, ceramic ring, ceramic ring fastening ring, dust and slag between the height sensors.

23.Clean the dust and slag on the lead screw and Z-axis guide rail.

24.Clean the surface of the cutting head and focus on cleaning the cooling water pipe joint, auxiliary gas joint, protective lens window, QBH/QCS joint and other parts.

25.Check all parts of the fiber optic cable to confirm that there are no extrusion, bending, twisting, rubbing or scratching.

26.Check the grounding protection end of the device so that to confirm that the connection is intact.

27.Check the nozzle to confirm that the through hole has good roundness, the outlet end face is flat, and no foreign matter or scale is attached to the cavity.

28.Check the cutting head and slide assembly so that to confirm that the bolts are securely fastened and not loose.

29.Check the legs and horns of the bed to confirm that the support is balanced and stable, and the level is good.

30.Check the anti-freezing agent filling condition of the water cooler, and confirm the qualified antifreeze and the appropriate filling amount that can be filled.

31.Check the water circuit main circuit and external light path temperature setting values.

To ensure that the main circuit water temperature is within the laser operating temperature range.

And as close to room temperature as possible.

To ensure that the external light path water temperature set higher than the main circuit temperature setting.

32.Check to confirm that the cutting process parameters, cutting software background configuration parameters backed up properly, and update the backup files in time if any changes are made.

33.Check the limit switch, the test confirms that the on-off induction is good as well as the alarm signal is normal.




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