How to clean the protective lens in the laser cleaning machine

It is important to clean the protective lens on the laser cleaning machine when you use it for several times.


Toward light to check the protection lens, if not dust on  surface, set it in protection holder. If there is dust on surface,

please kindly do as following steps :

① Tools : Dust-free

cleaning cotton bud, isopropyl alcohol, Rubber air blast.

②Spray the isopropyl alcohol on cotton bud.

③ Hold the side edge of lens with fingers.

④ Use the cotton wipe the lens, from up to down or from left to right. Uni-direction wipe both sides

of the lens softly, and use the air blast blowing the lens surface. Ensure that on the lens no foreign materials.

⑤ After cleaning should immediately set the lens in welding head or keep it in clean device