How to choose the core components of laser cutter – Damon

Choose the core components of  laser cutter

Fiber laser cutting machine has the advantages of cutting metal materials at high speed and high precision. And It became the first choice for metal processing equipment in many industries. Different accessories have different effects on the cutting effect of the laser cutter. So how to choose the core components of the laser cutter?

The core accessories of fiber laser cutter are: fiber laser, servo motor, control system, cutting head, laser lens, etc.

Fiber-optic laser

It is equivalent to the heart of the laser cutting machine. And it is the core accessory of the laser cutting machine. So the quality of the fiber laser directly affects the cutting performance and cutting quality of the metal cutter. Currently, German IPG lasers,China MAX lasers and China Raycus lasers are well-known fiber laser source. Compared with other brands of lasers,they are all highly  accurate, stable and long service life and lower maintaenance cost.

Servo motor

The servo motor plays a role in controlling the operation of the original mechanical parts in the servo system. Beacuse a high-quality servo motor can effectively ensure the cutting accuracy.

And it also can effectively ensure the positioning speed, repeat positioning accuracy of the laser cutter.

Control system

The control system is equivalent to the brain of the fiber laser cutting machine. Thus it control the machine tool to realize the movement of the X/Y/Z axis. And it also control the output power of the laser.

Laser head

The cutting head is the output device of the fiber laser cutting machine. So it consists of a nozzle, a focus lens and a focus tracking system. Because of the control of the control system and the movement of the machine tool, the nozzle moves along the cutting track to realize the cutting of metal materials.

For different materials and different thicknesses of metal, the height of the cutting head is different, so it is necessary to set the parameters through the control system to ensure effective cutting.

Laser lens

Laser lens occupies a very important position in the laser system. And it will affect the power of the laser cutting machine. So the laser lens can be selected according to the different requirements of cutting quality.