How is our machine delivered to our clients?-Teresa

How is our machine delivered to our clients?

 Machine delivery is an important part of the whole production. 

  1. Firstly, we get inquiry from our clients;
  2. Secondly, we send details of the machine to our clients;
  3. Thirdly, we make tests for our clients;
  4. Our clients are satisfied with our tests;
  5. We send PI to our clients and confirm the payment term;
  6. We get our clients’ deposit and the machine into assembly;
  7. During the assembly, we send videos and pictures to our clients;
  8. After the assembly, the machine will come to inspect for 2-7 days;
  9. We send inspection pictures and videos to our clients;
  10.  Our clients are satisfied with the pictures and videos, then they pay the balance;
  11. We take package pictures to let our clients check all parts of the machine;
  12.  The machine leaves for our clients, and we send custom clearance paper to our clients;
  13. We update the machine position during the shipment;
  14.  When the machine arrives, we offer technical support to our clients for installation and operation.
  15.  Within 7 days, our after-sales department will contact our clients for review.
  16. We update laser news and new machines to our clients;
  17.  Our clients repurchase machines;
  18. There is no limit to offer our clients service.

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