How does the fiber laser cutting machine use to control the cutting height-Charles

How does the fiber laser cutting machine use to control the cutting height


During the operation of the fiber laser cutting machine, the cutting head is not free to move. It is walking according to the cutting path preset by the control system. However, the height of the laser cutting head will depends on the different materials, different thicknesses and different cutting methods. Adjust the control appropriately. One problem with manually adjusting the laser cutting head is that the height control is unstable.

In addition to selecting the appropriate cutting nozzle type and air pressure parameters according to the cutting condition. The fiber laser cutting machine needs to increase or decrease the thickness between the cutting head. And the steel plate according to the thickness of the cutting material. Different thickness of the steel plate uses different parameters. Because the speed of the fiber laser cutting machine is fast, the operator can see with the eyes, and the operation mode of the hand adjustment is not good. And the reaction speed is certainly not up to. Especially when cutting a thin plate, or if the surface of the material has a grain, the flatness is not high, or the cutting processing environment is limit, it is important to keep the cutting height stable.

In order to make up for the problem of high control instability during manual adjustment of the cutting, the fiber laser cutting machine will equip with a follower capacitor height adjuster. No matter how thick the plate is cut, the height is consistent with the capacitor height-adjusting cutting head. In this way, during the cutting process, the cutting head will appropriately increase or decrease the cutting height according to the thickness of the cutting material, thereby ensuring the cutting quality, and at the same time effectively avoiding the problem of the cutting head hitting the plate.


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