High precision fiber laser cutting machine-Ariel

High precision fiber laser cutting machine

High precision fiber laser cutting machine

1.The precision laser cutting machine adopt a linear motor platform
with high precision, good stability and long service life!

Firstly,The structure of a linear motor just like forming a rotating electric machine in a radial direction

and expanding the circumference of the motor into a straight line.

Then the stator is equivalent to the primary of the linear motor.

The rotor is equivalent to the secondary of the linear motor.

When apply the secondary current, a traveling wave magnetic field is generated in the air gap

between the primary and secondary, and the traveling magnetic field and the secondary permanent magnet.

Besides,the driving force is generated under the action to realize the linear motion of the moving parts.

In another way,in recent years, some developed countries in the world have begun to apply linear motor technology

to the linear motion drive system of CNC machine tools to replace the traditional servo motor + ball screw drive system,

which achieves great success.

Secondly,it adopts AheadTechs laser cutting control system,
which is a full-tech synthesis software that integrates file reading, typesetting, conversion code and processing control.

The installation is simple and convenient,

and the process from drawing to finished product can  complete by the cooperation of the machine tool and the software!

Greatly improve the flexibility and scalability of the device.

It is possible to interconnect smart factories and equipment.


and other brands of fiber lasers, developed a wide range of perforation processes such as three-stage, progressive perforation.

Thirdly,Application field

It can cut a variety of metal plates and pipes, and is mainly suitable for rapid cutting of stainless steel,

carbon steel, manganese steel, copper plate, aluminum plate, galvanized sheet, various alloy plates,

rare metals and other materials.

Fourthly,Covering the industry

Jewelry, glasses, lighting, kitchen and bathroom products, mobile communications, digital products,

electronic components, watches, computer accessories, instrumentation, precision instruments,

metal molds, auto parts, craft gifts and other diversified industries.

Any questions about the precision machine,we can have a further discussion.



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