High-power laser cutter summer work precautions +Karina

High-power laser cutter summer work precautions

1. Keep the laser on and pay attention to the sequence of power on and off

Because the laser chassis don’t completely seal, when the device power off, the chassis air conditioner stops running.

If the room don’t equipp with air conditioning or the air conditioner does not work all the time.

The external hot and humid air can gradually penetrate into the chassis.

In order to ensure the operating environment of the laser, under the premise of ensuring safety, keep the laser always on, including turning off the water cooler at night.

So that the laser does not turn off the key and keeps the power on, so that the chassis air conditioner keeps running.

If you reboot, you need to pay attention to the following steps:

Firstly. Without opening the water cooler, first start the laser main power supply, and turn on the laser key switch to let the chassis air conditioner run for about two hours.

Secondly. After starting the laser for two hours, turn on the matching chiller, wait for the water temperature to adjust to the predetermined temperature, and prepare the laser for light.

Thirdly. Perform normal processing

Correspondingly, the shutdown sequence of the laser should be: first turn off the water cooler, then turn off the laser. It is not possible that the laser is off and the water cooler is in operation!


Install an air-conditioned room for the laser, activate the air-conditioning dehumidification function and keep the air conditioner running continuously (including evening).

So that the temperature and humidity in the air-conditioned room are maintain at 27 °C and 50% respectively.

2. Water temperature setting

Cooling water temperature has a direct impact on electro-optical conversion efficiency, stability and condensation. Normally, the cooling water temperature is set as follows:

Setting water temperature of pure water (also call low-temperature water, use to cool the laser module) is about 21 °C.

And can adjust between 20 and 25 °C depending on the situation. This adjustment must make an IPG Photonics professional or confirm an IPG Photonics professional.

Then,  DI water (also known as high temperature water, use to cool optics) water temperature should set between 27 ° C and 33 ° C.

This temperature should be adjusted according to the ambient temperature and humidity.

Usually speaking, the more the ambient temperature.

The higher the humidity, the higher the water temperature of the DI water should be.

The basic principle is: DI water temperature should be above the dew point.