High power fiber laser cutting machine Installation conditions-Tulsa

High power fiber laser cutting machine Installation conditions-Tulsa

Ground requirements of Installation conditions

The installation foundation of the equipment is required to flat, and the flatness should within ±5mm. The thickness of the concrete on the entire installation surface should not less than 200mm.

Space requirement

  • The distance between the left and back of the machine tool and the wall of the workshop should more than 1200mm. The distance between the laser and the wall should more than 1000mm
  • In order to prevent the occurrence of fire, the processing site should equipped with appropriate fire extinguishers. And reserve certain fire extinguishing channels.

 Environmental requirements

ll-ventilated environment, with an ambient temperature of -5°C to 55°C, and a relative humidity of 95%RH (no freezing or condensation. Because electrical parts can kept below an average altitude of 2000 meters. It is recommended that capable customers provide a constant temperature and humidity environment for the equipment. When the equipment turned off, the ambient temperature of the installation site must not drop below +4°C.

Note: Avoid thermal deformation caused by direct sunlight on one side or wind on one side

(for example, blinds can installed when installed at the window to avoid these situations).

  • The control unit, servo unit, display and control panel are the core components of the machine tool. And have certain requirements for the environment. The machine tool should protect from electromagnetic wave interference. For example, arc welding and electric discharge machine will affect the normal operation of the machine tool.
  • In order not to affect the cutting quality. It is necessary to ensure that there are no particles or substances absorb rays with wavelength of 1.064um around the machine. For example, solvent-containing steam emitted during painting. Or steam emitted from degreasing equipment.

Auxiliary Gas of Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

powered by of Installation conditions

Power quality

  • Three-phase unbalance degree <2.5%, line voltage fluctuation <5%

Ground protection

  • The machine tool is ground separately; the electric control cabinet is ground separately. The laser is ground separately; the grounding resistance is required to be less than 4Ω.

The grounding device should  made of steel. The steel pipe with a diameter of 50mm or the angle steel with a diameter of 50mm×50mm×5mm. And the steel pipe grounding body should arrange vertically. And an appropriate amount of salt water should pour to ensure a good grounding effect. Use a copper core cable greater than or equal to 10 square meters as the grounding lead. The line and the grounding body are connect by M12 bolts, and the bolt connection part should paint with anti-corrosion paint.

The grounding part of electrical equipment should connect to the grounding trunk with a separate grounding wire.

In the grounding system, the grounding resistance is less than or equal to 4. And the repeated grounding resistance is less than or equal to 10 ohms.

The grounding resistance should measure regularly (once every quarter). If the resistance value exceeds the standard, the cause should found out and rectified immediately.