1kw handheld fiber laser welding machine -Anne

1kw handheld fiber laser welding machine

Now fiber laser welding machine more and more popular in the market.But most of customer have man confused of laser welding machine.

laser welding machine

Here are some questions that customers asked,XT LASER will share to you too.

1.Welding head Weight:It around 1.5 kg.

2.Laser unit to head length:standard is 15m,if you need add length,it will add cost.

3.Material and thickness capacity for welding:
1000w for SS and CS upto 4mm

1000w for copper uptown 1.5mm

4.Welding speed thickness wise:

–It depend on the thickness.more thick the speed more lower.And it is also depend on the operator experience.

5.Consumable part list and cost:
–Main consumable is protective lens and weld nozzle.The cost around 20usd/piece

Product  price /piece  HS code
Proective lens  15usd 9001909090
Weld nozzle 20USD  8468900000

6.How much program store

 –It can save 10 groups parameters.It mean that can store 10 parameters for welding different samples.

Hope it is helpful for you ,if you have any questions of machine,welcome to contact us.

Sales Manager:Anne Zhang