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Handheld fiber laser welding machine for metal materials

Nowadays Handheld fiber laser welding machine for metal materials is very popular in the market.So today we would like to introcude this machine to you.

Compared with common welding machine, you can hold the welding head to do welding job.That’s why we call it “handheld” fiber laser welding machine.

Firstly, about the advantages of the welding machine.

  1. Laser welding gun weight is light,easy to move
  2. Compact size , save floor space, easy to move
  3. IPG/Raycus/Maxphotonics laser source, good quality , 100000 hours life span
  4. Environment-friendly , protect operator health
  5. Fashion outlook
  6. wobble welding function
  7. It can welding Stainless steel, middle steel, carbon steel, aluminium sheet, iron plates, brass, steel, galvanized sheet and plates, other sheet metals and metal tubes

Seconedly,about the main part of the handheld fiber laser welding machine.

1.Laser source

We use IPG,Raycus, Max laser source.IPG is German brand,good quality, laser power weakened slower than other brand.Also High photoelectric conversion rate.It can reach 45%, other brands are only about 25%,so it can save more cost for you.low failure rate, only 3%. But its price is expensive than Chinese brand. Raycus is the best brand in China, professional in laser source industry.MAX is also a good brand in China, younger than Raycus.But Raycus is affected a lot by the virus, so its delivery time is little longer.If your budget is limited, you can consider MAX.

2.Welding head.

We all use wobble head now.In fact,there is a galvanometer motor for swinging back and forth welding.Compared with normal welding head, it can weld up to 0.5mm gad and can reduce bubble, fry point, splash, ect.Now there are main four welding heand brand in market.Like Hanwei,Xinghong,Qilin,WSX.Our standard configuration is Hanwei,which is easy to operate.If you want to learn more about the difference between them,pls feel free to contact us.

3.Control board.

The control board is same brand as the welding head.Like you choose Hanwei laser,the control board is also Hanwei brand.You can use Xionghong brand.

4.Water chiller

It will cool the laser source and welding head.

5.Automatic wire feeder

Like control board, it is same brand with welding head.

Thirdly, the common questions about the machine

  • Can we adjust the welding speed?

yes, moving speed depend on operator’s hand.

  • Also can we adjust the wire speed?

Yes, it can adjust the wire speed.

  • Can we adjust the wattage as well?

Yes,we can control power output rate on touch screen board.

And Other more questions,pls feel free to contact us.

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