Global growth of laser cutting machine market-Chris

global growth of laser cutting machine market

According to a forecast, the outlook for the global growth of laser cutting machine market is good. It forecasts the market will experience close to a 9 per cent grwoth between 2016 and 2020.

The report highlights three factors contributing to the growth of the global laser cutting machine market. They are a need for automation, a growing demand from end-user industries, and the increasing need to develop high quality products.

Need for automation

The report notes that companies are increasingly resorting to automation, because it’s a way of meeting the quality standards that have been due to globalisation.

Investments in the global process automation market are increasing to touch US $120 billion by 2019. It means a growth rate of more than 6 per cent. The growth is due to sectors such as technology, software, hardware and services.

 Global growth of laser cutting machine

Industrial outputs are showing signs of a slow recovery. Growing air traffic is spurring the commercial aviation sector to higher growth. The global aerospace market may reach US $352.5 billion by 2023. In this industry, the commercial aerospace sector is possible to show a growth of 8 per cent. The factors including high replacement rate and technological advances drives the commercial aerospace.

Increasing need to develop superior quality products

What’s more, the manufacturing scenario is different from what it used to be even a decade ago. With advances in technology and innovation, it is possible to produce parts quickly, efficiently, and at lower costs. “One such technology is laser cutting that uses these equipments and machines to produce parts at record speeds in industrial manufacturing while simultaneously saving on costs,” says Anju.

Despite the deployment of several high-quality machining centers and other such machines, the use of the right cutting tools for machining components is a prime factor. Therefore, it determines the quality of the products.

With the use of laser cutting, it is possible to cut a variety of materials including metallic, non-metallic, and synthetic materials of varying thickness. During the process, a laser beam is used to cut the material precisely. A laser cut part is more accurate, and has smoother edges. Since there is less operator involvement in laser cutting, the possibilities of human error are also less. Another economic advantage of laser cutting is the less time for the process compared to conventional cutting.


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