A laser cutter, through the technology used for its operation, offers a wide range of cutting possibilities in a wide range of materials. When using this machine there are practically no limits on designs in cuts, being able to make very complex cuts with great precision quickly. So the time and money invest in the production of pieces of different characteristics is less than if we use other tools cutting

To understand the operation of a laser cutting machine it is necessary that we first define what a laser cutter is.

A laser is a device design to concentrate a light beam at a specific point; It consists of a pair of mirrors, an active medium that allows amplifying the light (in solid, gaseous or liquid state) and a beam of light or electric current that will give energy to the active medium. The name of this device is light amplification by stimulate emission of radiation, laser for its acronym in English (Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation). And today has many industrial, medical and telecommunications applications.

The laser is usually locat on the back of the cutting machines and emits a beam of light towards a series of mirrors that are responsible for reflecting the beam to the laser head where the light will direct down. Before the light leaves the machine, it goes through an active medium that is responsible for amplifying the beam. In CO2 machines, carbon dioxide is the medium that performs this task. While in other equipment a neodymium dope yttrium aluminum garnet lens (Nd YAG) use to amplify the light beam.

The materials with which these equipments manufacture can vary. And although the best mirrors and lenses with which they can equip are of diamond and gold. Due to the high costs of these materials it is rare that they use. Instead, silicon mirrors and zinc or germanium selenurium lenses use, which are as resistant and effective as gold and diamond.

As we mentioned, a laser cutting machine allows complex designs to achieve with high precision. This is because the laser has the ability to move along any path at high speed.

In addition, depending on the cutting power of the equipment, various medium density materials can cut. These equipments currently have an automated operation thanks to the CNC (numerical control by computer) that allows. In addition to maintaining a constant distance between the surface of the material. And the light emitter, to program commands that control the speed. And the design to follow according to the needs of each cut and material.

To cut the materials the laser concentrates the light beam on a point that vaporizes by thermal energy. For this reason, some people have the belief that using a machine of this type can damage the materials by heat.  However, thanks to its precision, the heat directe only to the point that you want to cut at a high speed. Which is why There is no risk of damaging the part if the equipment use correctly.

At this point it is important to mention that although a laser machine is simple to control. It is necessary that the person who operates it receives training from a specialist to use the equipment. Which will prevent damage to the machine and cutting materials. And will contribute that the user is safe and can take full advantage of the equipment.