Fully enclosed fiber laser cutting machine with exchange table-Teresa

Fully enclosed fiber laser cutting machine is popular in the European and American market!

Some American and European customer would like to choose this one.

Because this type fiber laser cutter has enclosed cover which could protect the human body.

How to get a perfect cutting effect

This type machine is beautiful in appearance and very practical.

Here we would like to introduce more details about this fiber laser cutting machine.

Some advantages about the fiber laser cutting machine.

1. Separated control cabinet, more easier to dismantle when delivery machine. Also easy for installation.

2. Two holes for connect exhaust fan, 1 on enclosure, another on machine body, standard specs. Also provide customers 2 exhaust fans.

3. The front and rear bed stitching changed to angle steel splicing. And it has double fixed support. Those improvements ensure exchange table has higher stability. Besides, the exchange time is up to 15 seconds.

4. The table frame limit is all in one type, and the position is at the front and at the rear bed ends. It will be more earlier for adjustment.

5. The new model table frame is fixed by the cylinder down-stroke press lock. The fixing is more reliable and precise, also can be adjusted.

6. Add guide frame on exchange table chain, to make sure running more stable.

7. Standard specs. With 2 monitors. The controller and monitor layout more better.

8. New design enclosure consist of few parts, very easy to install. Each parts with wheels and guide frame.

9. Inside enclosure, there are enough space to walk, easy for maintenance.

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