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 Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

How does Fiber laser cutting machine work?

Laser cutting is a new technology. It uses laser to cut metal and is usually used for metal for example stainless steel,carbon steel and so on .

The focused laser beam is directed at the material. The laser melts the material and then blows off the waste in the waste with a gas, leaving a smooth cut in the material.

New  fiber laser cutting machine is always used in sheet metal processing

The Advances of Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

The advantages of fiber laser cutting machine are as follows:

1 Work to maintain and reduce work piece contamination

2 Accuracy may be better. Because the heat of the laser system is very small

3 Metal laser cutting is more accurate than plasma cutting

4 Metal laser cutting has advantages over plasma cutting with less energy

 XT Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

Our company has introduced a new fiber laser cutting machine.

The machine is completely enclosed and has a switchboard.

The machine is of high quality and high efficiency. This machine also has a very fast speed.

We can guarantee that this machine has an ex-factory price.

This machine is safer than an open machine. It protects your eyes from the threat of lasers.

Dual exchange tables can also help you save time.

The XTLASER cutting machine has the following features.

1. Stability and reliability of optical path systems and control systems

2. Imported original fiber laser, high function, stable performance, life expectancy of more than 100,000 hours

3. Cutting quality and efficiency are higher, the cutting speed can reach 80m / min, the appearance is beautiful, the    trimming is beautiful.

Production application

1 Automotive industry
2 kitchen appliances
3 medical equipment
4 fitness equipment
5 Furniture manufacturing
6 Environmental protection equipment
7 Advertising
8 Agricultural machinery

We have good prices and quality.

Our machines are your best choice.