some knowledge of 3d laser marking machine-Ella.

Laser marking machine have very fast development nowadays,

we can see 2D laser marking machine have very wide application in so many fields.

But the disadvantage of 2D laser is it can only work on the flat surface.

With the help of rotary device, we can use it mark some cylinder, such as cup.

Even in this case, it have many limitation on curved surface marking.

So 3D fiber laser engraving machine rise in the market.

3D Fiber Laser Engraving Machine

Firstly,3D means Dynamic focusing, compare with ordinary 2D laser machine,

3D laser marking machine use different galvo head.

Ordinarily 2D scanning head only have two mirrors, but 3D scanning head have three mirrors.

The third mirrors can move forward and backward. This is the key technology of 3D laser marking machine.

Except scanning head, control card and control software is the brain of laser markers.

One good control software will make complex operation become very easy.

Most company will development the software together with scanning head.

3D laser marking machine have three main application. include curved laser marking,

emboss laser engraving large format laser marking machine.

1. Curved laser marking

This type 3D laser’s working size usually under 300*300mm.

We can use it mark curved surface and ball surface.

Different with rotary marking, 3D curved marking have very high precision and working speed is much more faster.

It is same with normal flat marking.

2. Emboss laser engraving

Emboss laser engraving is same popular with curved laser marking.

we can use it make many art crafts, gift, mold etc. Its main application is deep engraving.

Although 2D laser machine can do deep engraving, all depth is same and in same leveal.

3D laser engraving can reach different depth and the performance seems like three-dimensional pattern.

3. Large format laser marking machine

We know the max working size of 2D laser marking machine is 300*300mm now.

But many people need do large working size.

With 3D laser marking machine, usually its working size can reach 600*600mm.

As for bigger size, it need customized scanning head.

Although 3D laser marking machine have many special application, its price also is higher now.

Most customers can’t accept it. With the help of development and price decreasing,

it may become same popular with ordinary laser in the near future.

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