Fiber laser cutting machines lead China’s manufacturing industry

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In recent years, although China’s manufacturing industry has maintained stable development, there is still a significant gap compared to the international level. There are still many problems in China’s manufacturing industry, which restrict the pace of rapid progress. The laser cutting machine industry, as a part of the manufacturing industry, has to some extent met the needs of various industries for material cutting with the development of laser cutting machine technology. However, it also faces many problems and difficulties. Therefore, the laser cutting machine industry needs to be continuously adjusted based on the current development situation of China’s manufacturing industry.

The manufacturing industry is not thriving during the peak season

From the 12 sub indices of the China Manufacturing Purchasing Manager Index, compared to February, the expected indices of manufacturing production, new orders, new export orders, procurement volume, raw material inventory, finished product inventory, imports, employees, and production and business activities have rebounded. However, the backlog of orders, purchase prices, and supplier delivery time index have fallen, with the purchase price index showing the largest decline, with a decrease of 3.3 percentage points, indicating that the pressure on production cost increases in manufacturing enterprises has been alleviated. However, the structural shortage of labor in manufacturing enterprises still exists, and the demand for raw material imports by enterprises is still weak. To this end, the laser cutting machine industry also needs to strengthen the management of labor structure issues in enterprises and alleviate pressure on enterprises.

Transformation from laser cutting machine manufacturing to information service industry

Transformation and upgrading, structural adjustment, and achieving high-end seem to have become the only way for manufacturing enterprises to achieve stable development. However, how to transform and upgrade is a difficult path that requires continuous exploration. The laser cutting machine industry has also been troubled by this topic, and transformation has become inevitable. So how should we turn it around? Laser cutting machine enterprises must establish a correct awareness. While transformation and upgrading are important, how to transform and choose the suitable development model for their own enterprise is the key.

Rising Fiber Laser Cutting Machine Leading China’s Manufacturing Industry

People say that fiber laser cutting machines are progress standing on the shoulders of giants. It first emerged in developed countries abroad, driving the rapid development of its related manufacturing industry. In recent years, China has started to catch up and has already achieved a catch up in the field of fiber laser cutting machines. This achievement has shortened the gap between China’s high-end manufacturing and foreign high-end equipment manufacturing, and may even make China’s high-end equipment manufacturing catch up with the pace of foreign high-end equipment manufacturing technology. Fiber optic laser cutting machines help China’s manufacturing industry achieve leapfrog development. In recent years, fiber optic laser cutting machines have emerged in the field of sheet metal processing, and the laser cutting industry has become a major force in the sheet metal industry. With the continuous development of fiber laser cutting machine technology, it collides and integrates with each other, creating infinite vitality.

Summarize and explore new development models

Whether it is the laser cutting machine industry or the entire manufacturing industry in China, there are still some problems. Although transformation and upgrading have become inevitable, the national economic development also needs to be considered. So China must redefine its position in the global division of labor system and find new models to support its own economic development, because this is the future of “Made in China”. That is to say, while consolidating the advantages of “Made in China”, it is also necessary to explore more balanced economic support points. Various aspects such as “Chinese brands” and “Chinese services” have developed, and the entire Chinese economy and society can enter a more balanced and stable development stage, in order to more effectively promote the sustainable and healthy development of China’s manufacturing industry.


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