Foreign metal laser cutting development prospects in the industrial field +Karina

Foreign metal laser cutting development prospects in the industrial field

Foreign metal laser cutting development prospects in the industrial field. In 2016, the sales volume of CO2 lasers in the Chinese market did not increase much.

And the total amount of small and medium power was maintained at around 10,000 units, mainly using in non-metal industries such as coding, marking and cutting.

With the sales of high-power CO2 lasers above 2kW are significantly lower than the total sales of 200 units in 2015.

With the lighter advancement of the automotive industry and the application of the composite materials market, future CO2 lasers will have new development prospects.

Trend summary

The development of lasers is moving towards high intelligence, high power, high beam quality, high reliability, low cost and all solid state.

Then, laser precision processing and micro-machining technology will be the focus of development.

Its further promotion and use in electronics, semiconductor, communication, optical storage, micro-machine manufacturing, biology, environment and other industries will create unprecedented possibilities for traditional processing methods. Here, ultrafast lasers will grow rapidly as the precision machining and micromachining markets expand.

Then, the automation, integration and intelligence of laser processing continue to improve. On the basis of integration with industrial robots, three-dimensional welding, marking, cutting and other multi-dimensional machining are realizing. The applicability and application fields of laser technology are continuously expanding.

To sum up

Then, the application of laser technology in the industry has become ubiquitous, new laser technology is emerging; ultrafast lasers are becoming industrial lasers, and the market is going to blowout; direct semiconductor lasers are entering the application market of solid-state lasers; laser 3D printing is developing rapidly.

To sum up, many key issues Need to break through; laser welding will usher in a period of rapid growth; photonics and semiconductors will combine to produce next-generation optoelectronic technology; optoelectronic technology has become the support of the next 30 years of economic development; intelligent and Chinese manufacturing 2025 will bring the laser industry dividend. The next 30 years will be the golden age of laser technology!