Foreign laser cutter development prospects in the industrial field+Karina

Foreign laser cutter development prospects in the industrial field


Foreign laser cutter development prospects in the industrial field. Another market for laser processing is the kilowatt-class high-power laser processing market.

In 2016, the size of this part of the market is about 1.5 billion US dollars, which will show a relatively steady growth in the next five years.

In kilowatt applications, metal cutting applications are still the bulk of the current market, accounting for about 70% of the total.

And the other two types of applications are metal welding and additive manufacturing.

Although some insiders predict that the metal welding market will expecting to exceed the cutting market in the future.

In the next five years, the fastest growing metal cutting application in terms of sales, it is expecting that by 2022, kilowatt fiber lasers will use in metal cutting applications.

Earn $1.4 billion in revenue. At present, with the development of fiber lasers, laser cutting machines are making into a standard product.

Laser marking market


Let’s take a look at the global laser marking market. This is a relatively mature and stable market with a total income of about 600 million US dollars.

Foreign laser cutter development prospects in the industrial field. And the market growth will be slow in the future. The lasers currently used for marking are mainly fiber lasers (about half of the market) and CO2 lasers (about 1/3 of the market).

And the application of semiconductor lasers is also increasing.

China’s laser processing market is mainly distributed in South China (30%), Central China (24%), East China (20%), North China and Northeast China (13%).

The manufacturing industries in South China, Central China and East China are developing and become natural.

A key geographical market for laser processing. In 2016, China’s industrial laser and system sales reaching 38.5 billion yuan.

And it is expect to grow to 45.5 billion yuan in 2017. With a growth rate of 18%. Fiber lasers are already the absolute mainstay of the industrial laser market.

To sum up

In the last two years, the sales of laser cutting equipment in the Chinese market has doubled.

The application of fiber lasers in laser cutting systems has begun to leapfrog in the past two years, especially in medium power cutting systems.

In the welding system, 60% of the laser welding equipment has used fiber lasers, and 65% of the equipment is used in automobile manufacturing.

The number of high-power systems with power exceeding 3 kW is also steadily increasing. And laser-cutting welding systems are also moving toward high power.

With the development of integrated circuits in China. The number of ultraviolet lasers used in printed circuit boards and consumer electronics micro machining systems has increased significantly.

At the same time, applications in biotechnology and medical devices have provided a broad space for development of UV lasers.

In 2016, UV lasers experienced explosive growth in the Chinese market, with sales doubled from the previous year to 7,800 units.