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What is film cutting with laser cutting machine?

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What is film cutting with laser cutting machine?

Laser cutting machine with film cutting actually refers to processing the metal material with protective film by laser cutting machine. In order to ensure the surface finish of the metal material, many metal products will be coated, which is our common metal material with film. . For example, the more common coated metals in our lives include doors, windows, kitchen utensils and other materials. The advantage of film cutting is mainly to prevent cuts and scratches after cutting. At present, it is no longer a problem to use a metal laser cutting machine, so how to cut products with film?

The laser cutting machine is known as a metal cutting expert, and it can also cut coated metal sheets, but there are certain difficulties:

First, because the wavelength of fiber laser is relatively short, only 1.06um, it is difficult to be absorbed by non-metallic materials. When cutting stainless steel film, there are often undesirable phenomena such as anti-slag, imperviousness, high anti-alarm and so on. Cutting quality and normal production have a great influence.

Second, if you want to melt the film on the surface, you need to rely on the reflected heat of the laser on the steel plate. If the power is small, the film cannot be cut through; if the power is high, it is easy to cause radiation to damage the surface of the sheet.

Third, one cut is very unstable, and the surface film is easily blown up. Obviously, the traditional CO2 laser cutting process cannot achieve the cutting process of film-coated stainless steel.

Let’s take a look at how the laser cutting machine cuts coated metal materials.
According to the normal cutting idea, in order to ensure that the film is not damaged, the side of the film is generally processed first. The side without the film faces down, and it is better to install the pneumatic device first on the side facing down. Prevent the machine support from scratching the plate.

The cutting process is: when cutting, the distance between the laser head is about 10mm, the power is reduced, and then the protective film in the path is burned out first, and finally the cutting is performed.

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