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Now there is many different metal cutting equipment in the market. Fiber laser cutting machine is one of the most advanced solution. It is becoming more and more popular as its excellent cutting effect and low running cost. Compared with tradition cutting equipment, fiber laser cutter should be the most economic machine.

Fiber laser cutting machine may include 3 parts running cost, electric power, auxiliary gas and quick wear parts.

Electric power cost for fiber laser cutting machine

There is three main part need use electric power, laser source, machine bed and water chillier. Follow date based on 1000w fiber laser source.

We know fiber laser source have very high photoelectric conversion, and it is about 25%. So one set 1000w laser source will cost 4kw power per hour. About machine bed, the main electric power cost parts are servo motor, reducer and control system, and  servo motor is main. Now we total use 4 sets servo motor for 1500*3000mm fiber laser cutting machine. Its total power is about 4kw.  Water chiller also have high power cost, for 1000w laser source, the suitable chillier will cost about 3kw per hour. In this case, one set 1000w fiber laser cutter’s total power cost is 11kw.

But actually, one machine’s real cost is only about 60%. As it is not possible if all parts keep running with full power. So one 1000w fiber laser machine only cost about 6.6kw/hour. We get this date from thousands of test. Nearly no any machine can cost less then fiber laser.

Auxiliary gas

Fiber laser cutting need use auxiliary gas. Mild steel need use O2 gas, and other metals main use N2 gas. Also we can use compressed gas when cut thin ss and ms less than 2mm. Auxiliary gas cost have relation with metal thickness, so we can’t list it here, and just some recommend for reference.

According to our experience and customers’ feedback,  liquid nitrogen and  liquid oxygen is better. First, liquid gas is cheaper. Second, each tank have some rest when using. As its pressure become low so that we can’t use it on running. But when we use liquid gas, it is one big tank, no need change tank always. So all gas will be use.


Quick wear parts

Fiber laser cutting machine quick wear parts main include protective lens, focus lens, nozzle and ceramic rings. Their lifetime is about 500 hours and Ceramic rings lifetime is about 1 year. Protective lens and nozzle is cheap and about 15~30usd/piece. Ceramic ring not more than 100usd/piece. Focus lens is about 150usd/piece.

Except above cost, fiber laser cutting machine near have no any other running cost. Even its price is very high when we buy, but running cost should be the cheapest.

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