Why Fiber Laser Marking Machine is Welcomed by American Gun Lovers?-Angelina

Why Fiber Laser Marking Machine is Welcomed by American Gun Lovers?

We here aim not to express any inclination to guns, but to introduce the versatility of our fiber laser marking machine.

It has increasingly popularity among American gun lovers.

Fiber laser marking machine not only works well on common advertising signage, mechanical parts, electronic parts, etc, but also performs well on the surfaces of guns.

Most of gun lovers treasure guns as precious collections just like some people like to collect watches, antiques or other articles.

Because it can imply their beliefs or life philosophies.

Personalized characters, images or patterns are therefore introduced to enrich the gun’s meaning and decoration. 

Fiber laser marker is just the machine which we can utilize it to brand permanent symbols on the guns.

Then what on earth a fiber laser marking machine can do to customize the appearance of guns?

It’s an easy work actually.

Firstly, we should select a symbol  and uploade to the software in the connected computer of the fiber laser marker.

Then put the gun on the work table and fix it firmly.

Turn on the machine and just let it do all the rest of marking work.

The fiber laser head will create a magic work for individual need.

Compared with traditional marking methods, the mainstream fiber laser marking machine stands higher with its more precise marking result, high-efficiency energy consumption and faster speed.

The rotation axis configured on the machine makes it more possible to mark beautiful images on gun barrels and handles.

But as a friendly reminder, do not install the bullets in the gun when the fiber laser marking machine are working on it.

Otherwise, marking magic will become “marking attack”.

So please be more careful!