Fiber laser marking machine for stainless steel-Angelina

Fiber laser marking machine for stainless steel

Today we will talk about the fiber laser marking machine.

Stainless steel is a kind of modern general engineering material.

People use it in various industries.

From the daily consumer products to the kitchen wares, from manufacturing the surgical operation device to the roof, stainless steel is always the best choice.

There are over 150 types of stainless steels from the market.

Their surface smoothness is also in great varieties.

When the fiber laser marking technology mark various stainless steel materials, there will be amazing effect.

Many products or components made of stainless steel require marks of certain forms.

Fiber laser marking machine can make marks without exception.

The fiber laser marking machine can mark the typefaces in single lines, in hollow or solid.

Some marks are rather complicated, such as the functional marks like the scales on the tools or instruments.

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Furthermore, the fiber laser marking machine can still engrave more complicated decorative patterns.

The fiber laser marking machine is small in size.

But it can generate the nanosecond-level monopulse, with the light concentration of 10~40W.

So as to enable the stainless steel surface to have visible changes.

When it is used with the photoelectric scanner, the laser will be utilized effectively to carve and print different patterns.

According to the characteristics of the incident light and the stainless steel type, as well as the different reaction of the stainless steel to the laser, we could obtain various visible effects .

When the impulse increases, some materials will evaporate.

The melt in the pitting will be extruded out because of the pressure.

So as to have a flashing effect and improve the visual quality significantly, thus having a carving sense.