fiber laser marking machine purchasing advice-Jill

 fiber laser marking machine purchasing advice

Many customers are confused before purchase a fiber laser marking machine.

So they have many questions.

So here we introduce some usual questions.

What is the life span of laser machine?

The most important part is laser source.Life span of machine means life span of laser source.

Life span is 100000 hours, it can continue working for 24 hours a day.
This is one of biggest advantages of fiber laser marking machines, long life span and durable use.
After 100000 hours, laser source will not be broken, its laser strength will be just weaker.

Sound and environment

Sound decibel is very small, please check this video:
Because most of our jewelry customers use laser machine in their shop,so no need to worry about sound decibel.
Fiber laser marking machine is cooled can work under terrible environment, work normally <50 °C, most of Mid-East customers said our laser machine can work normally in their country temperature in summer normally.

Laptop computer

fiber laser marking machine purchasing advice:Our laser machine is with laptop or desktop , every software will be installed in PC, so you can open laser machine and use it directly.If you want to use your own computer?If so, that is ok. We will help you install software in your own laptop.

Machine operation

The machine will be complete, right, ready to set up with pc and start working.
The whole laser marking machine will be completed in our factory and then we do the package . After you open the package, just open the PC and use the machine directly, very easy to operate.

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