Fiber laser marking machine —— Pascal

What is a fiber laser marking machine

Marking machines using fiber lasers are called Fiber laser marking machine.

Fiber laser has the characteristics of small size, good beam quality, and maintenance-free

The laser marking machine produced by fiber laser has good beam quality, and the life of the whole machine is about 100,000 hours, which is longer than other types of laser markers. The electro-optical conversion efficiency is over 28%, and it has outstanding performance in energy saving and environmental protection.

characteristic of Fiber laser marking machine

Firstly, it can process a variety of metal and non-metal materials. Especially for high hardness, high melting point, brittle materials, marking is more advantageous.
Secondly, it belongs to non-contact processing, does not damage the product, has no tool wear, and has good marking quality.
Thridly, the laser beam is thin, the processing material consumption is small, and the processing heat affected zone is small.
Fourthly, high processing efficiency, computer control, easy to realize automation.

Application field of Fiber laser marking machine

Widely used in integrated circuit chips, computer accessories, industrial bearings, watches, electronic and communication products, aerospace devices, various auto parts, home appliances, hardware tools, molds, wires and cables, food packaging, jewelry, tobacco, and military affairs, etc. Field graphics and text marking, and mass production line operations.

advantage analysis of Fiber laser marking machine

Firstly, the use of laser processing has the advantages of no contact, no cutting force, and small thermal influence, which ensures the original accuracy of the workpiece;
Secondly, flexible processing methods, which can not only meet the needs of laboratory-style single-item design, but also meet the requirements of industrialized mass production;
Thirdly, laser scribing is fine, and the lines can reach the order of millimeters to micrometers;
Fourthly, the combination of laser processing system and computer numerical control technology can form high-efficiency automatic processing equipment, which can print various characters, symbols and patterns, easy to use software to design marking patterns, change marking content, and adapt to the high-efficiency and fast-paced requirements of modern production;
Fifth,  laser processing has no pollution sources and is a clean and pollution-free high environmental protection processing technology.