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Fiber Laser machine for Jewelry Industry

Since most of the jewelries are made of gold, silver or other precious raw materials. So the requirements to the workmanship are also very high,now more and more jeweler pay attention to laser techonology. And here shairng with you the Fiber Laser machine for Jewelry Industry.

First,Fiber laser Cutting System for Jewelry

Jewelry designers and manufacturers are continually looking for reliable solutions for producing precision cutting of precious metals. Fiber laser cutting machine with high power levels. So improve the cutting speed.

4kw fiber laser cutting machine

Second,Jewelry Laser Welding System

Laser welding machine is ideal for a wide range of metal joining and repair applications in the jewelry industry. The system’s compact, portable, space-saving design.


Third,Fiber Laser Marking and Engraving machine for Jewelry

As an advanced processing equipment. The fiber laser marking machine has become the first choice of numerous jewelry manufacturers because of its exclusive advantages. It can mark, engrave or etch a wide range of patterns, alphanumeric codes, and images on metals.

Furthermore, the marking method of fiber laser marking machine is also very flexible. If you want to mark a ring or bracelet. Just put the object in a rotary attachment. Then input the appointed characters or patterns to the software.

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