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Fiber laser marker two commen working effect. Metal Fiber laser marking machine have more and more application now. Especially on metal product, such as stainless steel, carbon steel, aluminum, brass etc.

In order to meet different process demand, metal fiber laser engraving machine also many different application, including color marking, deep engraving, rotary marking etc.

Color Laser Marking

Metal Fiber laser engraving machine can do simple color on stainless steel, such as red, blue, black, white, pink etc. Also it can do black color on Ti, and mopa fiber laser marking machine can do black on anodized aluminum. But for other material, we can only do ordinary marking one white color. It is not possible to do more color.

how to choose mopa fiber laser marking machine

Deep engraving

Also there is many customers use fiber laser engraving machine on deep engraving. The metal is more soft, it is more easy to do deep engraving.

For aluminum and brass, it is easy to do depth. With 30w fiber laser engraving machine we can make more than 1mm depth. Due to carbon steel and stainless steel is very hard, it will take much more long time when we need do deep engraving. Usually 0.5mm is ok for 30w laser.

When we do deep engraving, we need copy two layer. The first layer is low speed and high power so that we can strip the metal material. The second layer is high speed with low power so that we can clean the small slag when do deep engraving.

Due to deep engraving need break the surface of material, so the engraving surface will be rust after some time. So only for some metal parts or mold, people will do deep engraving. Near no people do it on stainless steel.

deep laser engraving

Fiber laser marking machine also have many other application such as jewelry cutting, black marking etc. We will introduce more common application in the future.

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