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Laser Cutting Machine Winter Problems

As the temperatures drop dramatically during winter, operating fiber laser cutting machine below more prominent 0°C will undoubtedly cause problems. Once the cooling water freezes, its volume will expand, which will cause the laser or the internal pipeline of the water-cooling system to crack or deform. This, in turn, will cause further damage to other core components and significant losses.

How to Maintain Fiber Laser Cutting Machine in Winter

Follow below tips to properly maintain your fiber laser cutting machine in water:

Keep working temperature above 0℃

To keep your fiber laser cutting machine functioning properly in winter, it’s better improving your workshop heating facilities and make sure the ambient temperature be kept above 0℃.

If there is no heating facility in the workshop, and the ambient temperature may be lower than 5 ° C. Keep the chiller running for 24 hours. Meanwhile, to save energy, the temperature of low temperature and normal temperature water should be adjusted to 5 ~ 10 ℃ to ensure that the cooling water is circulating and the temperature is not lower than the freezing point.

For users who add grease to the screw rod, don’t forget to clean it. Or it will affect the motion once it freezes; When adding the grease, ensure that the temperature in the workshop reaches minimum lubricating temperature.

Empty the cooling water after use

After every day use, empty the cooling water in the pipes. Use an air pump or compressor to efficiently drain up the water. Also, if necessary, remove the water chiller or pump and put it in a warmer place to prevent the circulation equipment from freezing.