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Fiber laser cutting machine speed effectively control – Catherine

Fiber laser cutting machine speed effectively control

Many people have a certain misunderstanding when using fiber laser cutting machines. Because of the cutting speed of fiber laser cutting machines, many people will think that the faster the cutting speed, the better. And the faster the speed, the better the work efficiency. It can also create greater economic benefits. In fact, otherwise, the speed of the fiber laser cutting machine control within a certain range. Then fiber laser cutting machine speed effectively control.

The cutting speed of the fiber laser cutting machine is too fast, which can cause cutting failure and sparks. The cutting surface appears diagonal stripes, and the lower half produces molten stains. The entire cross section is thick, but no molten stains are generated. quality. Therefore, we should control the cutting speed of the rear fiber laser cutting machine. Here are three suggestions we give.

Recommendation 1. Fiber laser cutting machine lathes and turning centers can use at least three.

X, Z axis feed and rapid feed, fast and smooth. High precision and low backlash planetary gear reducer is used with precision ball screw to reduce the mechanical failure rate and improve the precision. Servo-controlled high-low file conversion device shortens the time and makes the transfer fast and stable.

Recommendation 2. The optical fiber laser cutting machine digital grinder and EDM can use at least three.

The X, Y, and Z axes move in parallel and smoothly, making the parameter setting of the controller easier, allowing the finished product to obtain high precision, smooth arc contact, and reducing surface roughness.

It is recommended that at least four fiber optic laser cutting machining centers and CNC milling machines be used.