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Fiber laser cutting machine safe running in summer

Fiber laser cutting machine safe running in summer.

In the summer, high temperature and high humidity environment, we must pay attention to prevent laser condensation. Condensation occurs when the laser cooling water temperature setting is lower than the corresponding dew point temperature in the table below.

Therefore, it is necessary to set the cooling water temperature.

According to the actual temperature and humidity environment of the site (cabinet) to ensure that the temperature of the laser cooling water is higher than the corresponding dew point temperature. At the same time, it meets the water temperature requirement of the laser (body temperature: 21-25 ° C) and the cooling demand. Otherwise, the laser may have a high temperature alarm.

Dew point temperature <20 °C, is a safe range
Set the normal cooling water temperature, and the water temperature range is 21-25 °C.

The dew point temperature is between 20 and 25 ° C, which is a dangerous area.
If the cooling water temperature is close to the dew point temperature, the water temperature need appropriately to avoid condensation.

Dew condensation temperature >25 °C, condensation will occur, and measures must be taken before use
If the cooling capacity and flow rate of the water cooler are sufficiently redundant, the water temperature can be raised by about 1-2 °C as appropriate. This treatment is simple and easy, but the effect is limited.
The cabinet adopts a cover design and external industrial air conditioners to control the temperature and humidity inside the cabinet. The laser is operated in a constant temperature and humidity isolation space, which can effectively avoid condensation.
At the installation site, consider a small air-conditioned room if space and cost allow. Lasers and cabinets working in this isolation compartment are also very effective in avoiding condensation.

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