Fiber laser cutting machine require equipment – Catherine

Fiber laser cutting machine require equipment

As a new star in the large family of laser equipment, it does not exist alone in the actual processing. And the necessary auxiliary devices for fiber laser cutting machines include air compressors and water chillers. So in order to ensure the cutting quality and cutting effect of the laser cutting machine, the two are indispensable. Fiber laser cutting machine require equipment.

Air compressor:

Fiber laser cutting machines require clean, dry and stable air in order to achieve very high cutting quality and results. So the air compressor use to supply a part of high-purity oxygen. And high-purity nitrogen to the cutting head. Then the other part supply as a power source to the cylinder of the clamping table. And the last part use to purge the optical system. Dust removal.

Water chiller:

The water chiller is a device for ensuring that the laser cutting machine works under constant temperature conditions. The laser cutting machine generates a large amount of heat during the processing. If it is not cooled in time, the laser parts will be overheated and damaged, and the chiller has a chiller. The protection allows the laser cutting machine to be processed at a constant temperature.