Fiber laser cutting machine laser drilling technology introduction – Catherine

Fiber laser cutting machine laser drilling technology introduction

Laser drilling a technology often use in the work of fiber laser cutting machines. And compare with traditional mechanical drilling technology, the fiber laser cutting machine’s drilling technology has a greater advantage in drilling. Then there is no need to contact the material, the input heat is low, the drilling points concentrate. And more materials can use for laser drilling technology. So fiber laser cutting machine laser drilling technology introduction.

Of course, the drilling technology of the fiber laser cutting machine does not only include one kind. Here we introduce the two main common methods of XT laser cutting machine manufacturers: fixed-point impact drilling and rotary cutting drilling.


Fixed-point impact drilling:

Fixed-point impact drilling refers to the continuous processing of pulsed laser beams at one position until the hole passes. High-speed flight drilling is also a type of fixed-point impact drilling technology. Then which usually use for drilling filters and baffles .

Rotary cutting drilling:

Rotary cutting drilling refers to the processing of holes with larger diameters or holes with a certain shape. Generally speaking, the use of rotary cutting drilling technology is to process holes with a relatively large hole diameter. And good consistency and a certain shape. It can also reduce the taper of the hole.
Fiber laser cutting technology has developed to this day. And most of the drilling technology complete by fiber laser cutting machines. Then compare with other laser cutting types, fiber laser cutting machines have a more detail and stable grasp of drilling.