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Fiber laser cutting machine emit light solutions

The cutting quality and accuracy of fiber laser cutting machine have great advantages compared with flame cutting machine and plasma cutting machine. But in the process of using fiber laser cutting machine, you may encounter fiber laser cutting machine. In the case of no light, don’t panic when this kind of failure occurs. And no serious things will happen. In this case, all you need to do is to check what is wrong with the machine yourself, and then follow the steps below. And fiber laser cutting machine does not emit light solutions. Then fiber laser cutting machine emit light solutions.
1. At this time, it is necessary to check whether the water in the water tank is circulating normally. So that the water can circulate normally. If the water protection broken, you can short the water protection and reuse it.
2. Then click the pre-adjustment to see if the ammeter is swinging. If it is not, then use a multimeter to test whether the power of the fiber laser cutting machine is 220v. replace.
3. According to the above procedure, there is still no light. The connected card can use a multimeter to measure whether there is a voltage of DC 3v or higher between the 15 (H) or 16 (L) angle and the 14 angle. If so, the card is normal , There is no problem with the signal of the card.
4. If there is a noise in the power supply of the fiber laser cutting machine, it is most likely that the power connector is not in good contact, and it needs to be re-welded or connected, and then the dust inside the power supply is cleaned up.