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Fiber laser cutting machine details need care

What details should you pay attention to when using a fiber laser cutting machine? Why are some laser cutting machines always have problems, even easy to broke? In fact, there are quite a few operating machines that are not properly operated, which causes the laser cutting machine to burn down. So here we have compiled some details about the laser cutting machine that need attention. Everyone, I hope I can help you! And fiber laser cutting machine details need care.

1. For the exhaust gas generated in laser cutting, it must clean using a dust-cleaning device to avoid harm to the staff.

Since the light emit by the fiber laser cutting machine is invisible, the beam emitted by it may damage the human body. The staff at the site should do a good job of protection. At the same time, it is necessary to closely observe whether there is a fire. If an abnormality found, it should deal with immediately to avoid losses.

2. When using the fiber laser cutting machine, do not let the eyes directly face the direction of the laser. And do not face the red indicator light, which will hurt the eyes.

3. When opening the mechanical shutter, do not expose non-working objects and workers to the laser irradiation range to avoid adverse effects.

When operating, wear protective glasses and run on the fiber laser cutting machine. At the time, the operator was unable to leave the job without authorization.

4. When using the machine tool, if there is an abnormal situation, immediately press the emergency stop switch.

During the use process, the pressure of the working gas and the temperature of the cooling water should be checked regularly. And everyone must rely on the operation permit. Operation, and follow the operation process. If it is not the machine staff, can not operate the machine.

When using a fiber laser cutting machine, be sure to follow the above instructions. And always keep the fiber laser cutting machine clean, add oil according to the regulations, apply lubricants, etc. In addition, you must abide by the handover system. To manage the tools and accessories, there must no lost situations. And if the fault found, the professional should repaire.