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Fiber laser cutting machine cutting size large reasons

The laser cutting machine is a very important processing method in the sheet metal processing industry. And has the advantages of high cutting precision and high efficiency. When metal laser processing, many people will always worry about cutting. And sometimes as the equipment used for a longer period of time, the accuracy of the equipment will reduce. So the progress required for cutting will not achieve. Then fiber laser cutting machine cutting size large reasons.

So, if the device encounters such a situation, how do you follow up the next step?

1. First, we must first check whether the focal length of the fiber laser cutting machine is correct.

The form of the optical fiber adjustment focal length divide into manual and automatic. Manual focusing is easy to forgot the technician. So especially after replacing or cleaning the lens, adjust the focus distance.

2. If there is no problem with the focal length, you can check the lens first.

If the lens stain, the cutting problem will occur. The large slit can circumvent the debugging of the device. And if the lens is not clean, the light will scatter and the light will become thicker. It is a good choice to check the lens for cleaning or replacement.

3. The placement of the laser tube is also a very important aspect, check the quality of the laser spot.

If there are two points or the spot is not round, then the laser tube support point needs to be adjusted, many people will ignore this reason, this also requires attention.

Laser cutting seams are not a big problem, but the equipment needs to be maintained after a period of processing, especially fiber laser cutting machines. High-precision equipment requires more careful maintenance and maintenance to keep the equipment running. Create greater benefits.