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Fiber laser cutting machine cut double sided laminated film

Although some operators are familiar with the use of fiber laser cutting machines. And there are still users who have difficulty in mastering the method of cutting double-sided laminated sheets. In order to help everyone solve this difficulty, let the staff of our company. Then let us introduce the cutting method. And fiber laser cutting machine cut double sided laminated film
The coated sheet is difficult to cut because its cutting head can only cut downward from the top of the sheet. And the protective film on the sheet has no effect during the cutting process. But it is produced during the cutting process due to the film under the sheet. The cutting residue can not completely drop. These residues will directly affect the cutting effect of the sheet, so that the sheet can not cut through or have a large burr after cutting. However, if the film under the sheet completely torn off, scratches will appear under the sheet.

The specific method is:

1. Draw an auxiliary cut chart that matches the actual cut chart.

The specific method is to mirror the actual cut image, and you can directly get the auxiliary cut chart.

2. Calculate the position and maximum offset of the film to remove.

In theory, the auxiliary cutting pattern use to etch the upper surface of the sheet by laser etching. And the protective film at the cutting position etch, and the sheet material can directly cut by cutting the sheet. However, in the actual cutting process, due to the influence of laser positioning error and sheet shape error. Then the cutting positions of the front and back sides of the sheet are unlikely to coincide. Therefore, when the front side etch, the exact offset measure. And the protective film at the offset position turn off.

3. Draw cutting drawings and auxiliary cutting drawings.

The cutting drawings can be drawn directly according to the shape of the workpiece. The auxiliary cutting drawings are mirrored, and then the actual cutting drawings mirror, and then offset by the set error value.

4. Perform laser cutting map layout. It is necessary to first typeset the auxiliary cutting drawings.

Secondly, the layout of the auxiliary cut image is mirrored, the etched line is removed, and only the actual cut image is retained.

5. Perform laser cutting. First, the plate is etched first, and then the protective film at the laser cut position remove.

After the protective film is torn off, the steel plate is turned over, and then the workpiece is cut.