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Fiber laser cutting machine for carbon steel

Fiber laser cutting machine for carbon steel, carbon steel is a kind of alloy steel.

It is widely used not only in construction, bridges, railways, vehicles, ships and various machinery manufacturing industries.

But also in the modern petrochemical industry and marine development. In the life, the appearance of carbon steel is also widely used due to its excellent texture.

1.Laser cut carbon steel seat

The rocking chair with carbon steel frame, the two large oval steel rings are both the armrests and the feet of the rocking chair.

And the seat and backrest materials is wooden. Concise, strong, generous, and fun

2.Laser cutting carbon steel props

Ninja knife with high carbon steel

3.Laser cut carbon steel watch

Dark Seal SEAL Luminous Table, Corrosion Resistant Carbon Steel Case, Cover and Rotating Gear

4.Laser cutting carbon steel corridor

Cafe with a carbon steel stair connection on the mezzanine

5.Laser cut carbon steel molding

Laser-cut low carbon steel hound table


To sum up


The application of carbon steel is more and more extensive, but in the traditional carbon steel processing process, due to the lack of equipment.

The carbon steel after processing has crusting, cracking, delamination, white spots, impurities, looseness and the like.

Therefore, the metal laser cutting machine that conforms to the current situation has become the first choice in carbon steel processing.

When laser cutting carbon steel, the laser emitting the laser is irradiating on the surface layer of carbon steel.

And the instantaneous high temperature is generating by the auxiliary gas.

And the silicon, manganese, sulfur, phosphorus and other elements contained in the carbon steel are rapidly generating.

The reaction, which is oxidizing, melting and vaporizing, can penetrate carbon steel and then control the displacement of the laser by numerical control to achieve the purpose of cutting.

Because carbon steel contains carbon, it does not strongly reflect light, and the absorption beam is very good.

Carbon steel is the most suitable for laser cutting machine processing in all metal materials, and it is also the best.

For carbon steel, laser cutting machine has unique advantages, laser cutting speed, high cutting precision.

Can meet all sheet metal processing requirements.

And the cutting surface is smooth, smooth, beautiful, easy to use, safe, cost-saving, these are any Machining is unmatched.

Have a safe fiber laser cutting machine operation