What’s the function of parts on a fiber laser cutting machine-Anne

What’s the function of parts on a fiber laser cutting machine

The functions of the parts of the laser cutting machine are as follows:

1.Machine body:

so The main machine part of the laser cutting machine, which realizes the movement of the X, Y and Z axis, including the cutting work platform. Working bed is using to load working materials and to move accurately and correctly according to the control program.

2.Laser source:A device for generating a laser beam source.

3.External optical path:

so Reflective mirrors using to lead laser beam to right direction. To keep the beam path from malfunction, all mirrors should be protected by a protective cove to protect the lens from contamination.
4.Control system: Control the movement of X, Y and Z axis, at the same time to control the output of laser power.
5.Voltage stabilizer: Install on laser source, between working bed and power supply main to prevent interference from external power network.

6.Cutting head:

Mainly include part like cutting head body, focus lens, protective mirrors, capacitance type sensor Auxiliary gas nozzles and other parts.The cutting head drive device is use to drive the cutting head alone Z axis according to the program. servo motor and transmission parts  compose cutting head such as ball screw or gear.
7.Chiller group: For cooling laser source and focus lens, reflective mirror in cutting head.
8.Gas tank: Mainly used to supply cutting head assistant gas.
9.Air compressor and container:To provide and keep assist gas for cutting.
10.Air cooling & dryer machine, air filter: Used to supply clean dry air to laser generators and beam paths to keep the path and mirror working.

11.Exhaust dust collector:

The smoke and dust produced in the process are extracted and filtered to ensure that the exhaust gas emissions conform to the environmental protection standards.

Here are mainly parts of laser cutting machine.When you choose a machine,you can consider from this aspect.

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