Fiber laser cutting machine with air cutting:Claudia

Fiber laser cutting machine with air cutting

Fiber laser cutting machine with air cutting.

Many customers care about the machine running cost.So they are thinking about the gas consumption.Air compressor is a good choice.

Knowing how much the laser cutting machine knows that it needs to support gas during the cutting work. Without a gas source, the laser cutting machine can’t work. Generally, the laser cutting machine uses three kinds of gas sources: oxygen, nitrogen and compressed air. And if you use oxygen and nitrogen to cut, you need to go to a special gas station to buy the bottled liquid. Oxygen and liquid nitrogen. And just like buying bottled liquefied gas.

It is understood that the general barrel liquid oxygen price is about 500 yuan. And if you work 8 hours a day, you can consume the barrel oxygen in about 4 days. Then the average oxygen cutting cost calculate at 120 yuan per day.

If compressed air use as the gas source of the laser cutting machine, the cost is relatively large. So a 500W laser cutting machine needs about 1 cubic meter per minute, 10-12KG of compressed air. Then a 7.5KW is matched. And the air compressor of about -11KW can use. Then the electricity cost of such an air compressor running for one hour is about 5-8 degrees. And he maximum electricity consumption for 8 hours a day is 60 degrees. So the electricity cost is one yuan, and the cost is 60. Yuan up and down. It can save half compared to oxygen cutting.

Let’s calculate the account, save 60 yuan a day, 300 days a year, and save 18,000 yuan a year. It can be said that the cost of purchasing the complete set of screw air compressors can be recovered in a year. Therefore, laser cutting machines use compressed air to cut the lowest cost and save money.

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