Fiber Laser Cutting Machine Burning Edge Phenomenon-Anne

Fiber Laser Cutting Machine Burning Edge Phenomenon

Fiber laser cutter will generate a lot of heat in the processing of sheet metal,under normal circumstances,

the heat generated by the cutting will spread along the seam then sufficiently cooled.

Fiber laser cutting machine cut hole processing,it can cool outer holes

while single-hole orifice part because of the small space inside,

so heat can be diffused and too concentrated to cause over-burning.other reason,when cutting the thick metal sheet,

the fiber laser cutting machine produced accumulation molten metal in surface of the material causes the accumulation of secondary turbulence,excessive heat input,causing burnt edges.

when cutting the carbon steel holes ,assist gas is oxygen.

The key is to how to suppress the oxidation reaction heat generation.

when perforation can use Supplementary oxygen,after switching to the secondary air or nitrogen to cut.In this way the maximum workability 1/6 slab hole.

Low frequency,high peak power pulsed output cut to reduce heat output to help optimize cutting conditions.

The conditions were set to a single pulse laser beam,a large energy peak output intensity,low frequencies,can effective reduce the accumulation of the molten metal during piercing of the material surface, effective to inhibit heat output.

2.When fiber laser cutting aluminum and stainless steel :

the auxiliary gas is nitrogen,the cutting edge won’tburn,however,due to the high temperature of the inside the material,dross inside the more frequent.
Effective solution is to increase the pressure of the auxiliary gas, the condition  set to peak output, low frequency pulse condition.

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