Maintenance of fiber laser cutting machine-lisa

    Maintenance of fiber laser cutting machine-lisa

More and more people is using or going to use the fiber laser cutting machine , but it’s a not a cheap machine.

Once it broken, will spend more cost on the repairing, So maintenance will be more important for extend the lifetime of fiber laser cutting machine.

Here we share 2 ways for maintenance of fiber laser cutting machine,


    1.Maintenance during Operation

Before the machine tool runs, it’s necessary to inspect the machine tool as per daily inspection content.

In case of abnormal sound arising in the process of machine tool running, it’s also necessary to carry out machine halt for inspection. After completion of machine tool running, machine halt shall be conducted as per airport machine halt sequence. Should clean up the workbench surface of the machine tool and surrounding area of the airport . And  don’t allow to place unrelated things on the machine table or operating table.

a) It’s necessary to regularly inspect oil level of centralized lubrication pump of the machine tool

(in case of insufficiency found, it’s necessary to add lubricating oil timely), appropriately lengthen the time of manually adding oil,

ensure lubricating oil can be fully added to X-axis guide rail and Y-axis guide rail and machine tool accuracy, keep all moving parts lubricating and lengthen service

life of X-axis guide rail and Y-axis guide rail;

b) It’s a must to clean dust on Z-axis linear guide rail and lead screw weekly and manually add engine oil; also

c) It’s necessary to check whether the air pipe and water pipe are damaged every week. In case of damage, it’s necessary to timely notify our company’s personnel for maintenance;

d) Should clean sundries and dust on air port and filter net every week; also

e) It’s necessary to check the level of cooling water in the water chiller. In case of insufficiency, it’s must to carry out timely addition.

f) It’s necessary to check pollution situation on the surface of focus lamp half a month and timely clean optical glasses to ensure service life.

g) It’s necessary to inspect protective glass once a day which influences cutting effect;

h) It’s necessary to inspect gas circuit once a month to timely remove hidden danger;

i) It’s necessary to regularly inspect whether the external cable is scratched as well as whether line interface in the power distribution cabinet becomes flexible;

After installing and using the machine tool for half a year, it’s necessary to readjust the level of the machine tool to ensure cutting accuracy;

Jinan Xintian Technology Co., Ltd.-Operation Manual for Fiber Laser Lath Cutter

Beside the maintenance during the working, we also need to pay more attention on the maintenance if parking for long time

    2.Maintenance for Long-term Parking

In case we don’t use the machine tool for a long time, please smear all the moving components of the machine tool. with grease and package them with anti-embroidered paper.

For other parts, it’s necessary to check whether there is rust formation, exercise rust removing and rust-proof treatment for rusty parts (we can add dust-proof covers if possible), and clean and check the machine tool regularly.

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