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 Installation of fiber laser cutter water chiller

The water chiller is one of the essential parts of laser steel cutter. It can cool the fiber laser cutter laser generator by water circulation, and control the temperature of the laser generator. So the laser generator can keep working normally for a long time. When we install water chiller, we need to pay attention to the following points.


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Firstly, open the water chiller package. Then check whether the machine is in good condition. Installation personnel must have relevant professional knowledge.

Secondly, verify that the equipment is properly grounded.

Thirdly, open the machine water inlet, add the cooling water. Only neutral and pure water can be used, no granular solids are allowed in the water, which may damage the cooling water system of the laser cutter.

Fourthly, to protect the circulating water pump, it is strictly prohibited to run without water.

Fifthly, keep a certain distance from the laser cutting machine to ensure  that the air inlet and outlet channels of the chiller are smooth. Do not put foreign objects into the device.

These are the cautions for installing the laser steel cutter water chiller. Customers should pay attention to these points to keep the machine in good condition. If you want to get more knowledge of fiber laser cutter, do not hesitate to contact us.

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