Fiber laser cleaning machine,rust removing laser machine-Jill

Fiber laser cleaning machine,rust removing laser machine-Jill

For rust removing laser machine.there is 100w,200w,300w,500w,1000w fiber laser cleaning machine.

Different watt suitable for different field industry application.200w is the best seller now.100w laser light is too weak.


1.Machine picture

100w rust removing laser machine











200w rust removing laser machine











2.Cleaning machine HS Code

8479 8190 00

8479 is universal in the international cucstoms.

So you can research the tariff with the code 8479.


3.Machine dimension


(L*W*H) 79*77*111cm.

N weight:80kgs,G weight:120kgs


(L*W*H) 122*99*132cm.

N weight:200kgs,G weight:266kgs


4.Fiber laser cleaning machine application:

Firstly,Microelectronics field:

semiconductor components, microelectronic devices, memory templates, etc .;

Secondly,Cultural relics protection field:

stone carving, bronze, glass, oil painting and mural, etc .;

Fourthly,Abrasive cleaning:

rubber molds, compound molds, metal molds, etc .;

And also,Surface treatment:

Hydrophilic treatment, treatment of weld before welding, etc.

Fifthly,Paint removal, rust removal:

aircraft, ships, weaponry, bridges, metal pressure vessels, metal pipes, etc .;

Aircraft parts, electrical product parts, etc .;

And Others:

urban graffiti, printing cylinders, building exterior walls, nuclear industry, etc .;


5.When you buy fiber laser cleaning machine,how to choose suitable machine watt?

Only need to know 2 points:

Firstly.What would you like to clean?Rust or Painting?

Secondly,How many thickness?


6.Machine cleaning explanation example

For example,for 0.5mm rust or painting,Painting is more difficult to clean.

Fiber laser cleaning machine is suitable to clean the thickness less than 1mm.


For the same thickness rust,the higher power,the higher cleaning efficiency.

Cleaning efficiency as follow:

As per experience,real cleaning efficiency (based on 0.2mm rust thickness)

For rust removing,it depends on the rust Compactness.If it is relatively dense,we had better to choose higher watt.This also depends on the experience.Usuall 200w is good.


For painting,it depends on the thickness.

200w can clean the thickness less than 30μm(0.030mm)

500w less than 100-150μm(0.1-0.15mm)

For 3mm painting cleaning,you have to use the compound cleaning.Compound cleaning is not suitable to be handheld.

You can choose to connect with the robot.


For thick oil,such as Motor oil,it is very easy to be Instantaneous gasification.  You had better to wipe it with a rag firstly.

For the High-speed rail cleaning,cruise ship cleaning,we will share more in the next article.For more information,you can also contact us here.
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